How to Use the Map

Search by keyword - Enter any information you have about an organization, the name, part of the name, the EIN, a short description, etc... This search will look in all pertinent fields and try to match the text that you entered. Results will be returned weighted with the most likely match first. If you only want to search against the organization name then you can select 'Organization name' from the Keyword Search Type drop down list

Search by address - Start typing in this input box and we will begin looking for possible locations matching what you type. When you find the location you are looking for, select it and click the search button. We will get results within 2 miles of this location by default. If you want to search a wider area you can select a greater distance from the search distance drop down list.

Search by category - You can select a category from the drop down list to search for non-profits working in a specific subject area. Additionally, you can further restrict the search to a Subcategory by making a selection from the Subcategory list. These searches will limit results to only those categories and subcategories selected.

To narrow down your search even further, click the the "Show Advanced" button on the map to utilize the options below:

Search by legal structure - If you would like to limit results to private charities or public foundations you can do so by clicking 'Show Advanced' and then selecting a legal structure from the list.

Search by organization size - If you would like to limit results to organizations withe specific revenue values you can click 'Show Advanced' and then select a revenue value from the list.

Search by specific geography - If you would like to search by a specific geography you can click 'Show Advanced' and then select a county, a zip code, or a city.

Please note, you do not need to make an account to use the map unless you are a non-profit organization who wishes to amend their profile.